Urgent care

Urgent Care Clinic

For existing patients of VCU Dental Care

  • If you are an active patient who needs emergency care after hours, on weekends or on holidays, call (804) 828-0951, identify yourself as a current patient and ask for the doctor on call.
  • If you are an active patient and would like to speak with someone during business hours, please call your usual contact number for appointments.  If you are unsure or cannot reach your office, call (804) 828-9190.

Urgent Care Clinic (for new patients)

If you are a new patient with acute dental pain or believe you have a dental infection, VCU Dental Care offers a walk-in evaluation each weekday during regular business hours.

  • No appointment is needed.
  • We open our doors at 7:30 a.m.  When you arrive, our team will register you as a patient and evaluate your needs. 
  • Whenever possible, we will offer treatment on the same day, although you may have to wait until later in the day for treatment, after your evaluation. 
  • When same-day treatment is not possible, you may be referred to one of our clinics that can best serve your needs on a different day. 
  • Fees vary by type of service.  For the most common procedure - tooth extraction - be prepared to pay at least $200.

Note: Not all patients will qualify for urgent care services. Individuals who are unable to receive local anesthesia, who are not capable of getting into a dental treatment chair on their own or are not medically stable to receive treatment may be referred to another location. Same day service may not be available for sedation or hospital based dental care due to physical or mental impairment. Medical consultations to the patient’s primary care provider may be required prior to the initiation of definitive care.

If you are a new patient with dental needs NOT needing urgent treatment AND if you would like to pursue becoming a patient at VCU School of Dentistry for all of your dental needs, call (804) 828-9190. You may make an appointment for an evaluation to determine if VCU School of Dentistry can serve your needs.