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VCU School of Dentistry

Have questions about our services or want to make an appointment? We have one main line for your convenience: (804) 828-9190.

Our locations

VCU School of Dentistry is conveniently located near VCU Medical Center in downtown Richmond at 520 N. 12th St. Patient drop-off is available at the W. Baxter Perkinson Jr. Building at Leigh and 11th streets.

Our three practices are located in the following buildings, which are connected by a patient information and registration area on the second floor of each practice:

Patient care practices

General patient information and appointments (804) 828-9190
Student practice (804) 828-9190
Faculty practice (804) 828-3368
Advanced general dentistry practice (AEGD) (804) 828-7767
Cosmetic care practice (804) 828-7778
Endodontics practice (804) 828-9363
Oral and facial surgery practice (804) 628-6637
Oral medicine practice (804) 628-0310
Orthodontics practice (804) 828-0843
Pathology and radiology services (804) 828-1778
Pediatric dentistry practice (Pediatric Dentistry) (804) 828-9095
Periodontics practice (804) 828-8022

Student clinics
Lyons Dental Building
520 N. 12th St.
Richmond, Virginia 23298

Faculty practice
VCU Dental Building 1
521 N. 11th St., Room 417
Richmond, Virginia 23298

Specialty clinics
VCU Dental Building 1
521 N. 11th St.
Richmond, Virginia 23298

Pediatric Dentistry
1000 East Broad Street 
Richmond VA, 23219
6th Floor, Suite 200

Parking options

Valet parking is available for a reduced rate of $5 to patients and guests who validate their ticket at the information desk. For valet parking, follow 11th Street north to the covered driveway underneath the Perkinson Building. The driveway is located immediately before the stoplight at the corner of 11th and Leigh streets.

Parking deck
Patients and guests can park for free in the Patient and Visitor Parking Deck at 12th and Leigh Streets. Parking tickets must be validated at the information desk.

Please note that VCU School of Dentistry patients are not currently permitted to park in the new Adult Outpatient Pavilion (AOP) patient parking deck and VCU Dental Care stamps/validations are not accepted. Patients who self-park in the AOP patient parking deck will be required to pay for parking.